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AR-750 boxAR-750 box PSU


Sold exclusively in Japan. The Arise Series is the down to earth power supply family that focuses solely on stability and performance. Stripped of all the unnecessary frills, this unit does exactly what it should do, and does it well. It is equipped with components that are more often available in high-end units, for example, the Japanese capacitors, and gold coated terminals on the cables. Perfect for casual gaming, the unit gives out top-notched voltage regulation, and delivers clean power. It is a solid unit with superb performance that will not hurt your wallet.


Model nameAR750GM
80 PLUS®Gold
Dimension (mm)W 150 x H 86 x D 140
ModulariyFully Wired
PFCActive PFC (>0.9)
Output power750 W
MTBF@25°C, exl. DC Fan> 100,000 hours
Operation temperature0 to 50 °C
Fan size (mm)120
Fan bearingFluid Dynamic Fan
Warranty5 years
Compatibility4th generation Intel® Core™
ATX12V v2.31
EPS 2.92

Product Description

AR750GM Power Rating
Input Range: 100 V to 240 V
Input current: 9 A to 4.5 A
Frequency: 50 Hz to 60 Hz
DC OutputPower
+3.3 V20 A100 W750 W
+5 V20 A
+12 V62 A744 W
-12 V0.3 A3.6 W
+5 VSB2.5 A12.5 W
80 Plus Gold

80 PLUS® Gold Certified

The 80 PLUS® Gold certification guarantees greater than 87%, 90%, and 87% efficiency at 20%, 50% and 100% operating loads, respectively.

Gold Coated Connector

Gold Coated Connector Contacts

The connectors do not tarnish over time and increase the efficiency of current transmission.

DC to DC Converter Design

DC to DC Converter Design

Excellent dynamic response and maximized 12 V DC rail output increase system stability.

105 °C Japanese Electrolytic Capacitors

105 °C Japanese Electrolytic Capacitors

Premium quality Japanese capacitors with 105 °C rating increase reliability and extend product life.